Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Civil War : Falcon's Redwing WTF?!

It's a bird? It's a Plane? It's Redwing!
Captain America | Civil War has finally released in some countries as to date. We finally got the chance to see our favorite Captain America's sidekick, Sam Wilson aka Falcon played by Anthony Mackee. With a huge amount of cast, we can appreciate how the spotlight has somewhat leaning towards Sam's character a bit more. In Sam's several appearances before such as in Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron and Antman; his presence is more like filling the gap. Yes, we do understand how it has always been about developing the character just enough so that it goes well with the plotline. However, in Civil War, we do believe it gives justice to the character that make us fall in love with him more.

Anthony McKee recurring role as Sam Wilson aka Falcon
Talking about which, in almost all the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, other than the introduction of new characters; it also has always been introduction of new combat tool, machines and gear. Remember, Hulkbuster in Age of Ultron. It got people chanting with awe. Civil War is no different. It's Falcon's Falcon; the Redwing.

Redwing can understand Falcon because they shared a telepathic connection
In the comic, Redwing is literally a living creature. It was bought by Sam in Rio where they developed a telepathic connection thanks to the Cosmic Cube. Due to that, Redwing would understand orders given by Sam. And the cool part is, Sam can also see through the eyes of Redwing,

Redwing as an advanced military  drone
With a few twitch in the movie, we cannot complain how they reincarnate Redwing as an advanced military drone. It give us more realistic reasoning to it's existence in the MCU. It flies. It gives Sam the remote vision. It can attack.  And It's Cute. Black Widow doesn't think so. Oh, Well! In addition, Redwing function as scanning vision to Falcon's goggles with the ability to see through buildings and objects.

Credit Photo: Entertainment Weekly, Marvel 

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